CompStudy: Useful Resource For Entrepreneurs & VCs Alike

I’ve mentioned this survey several times in the past, but this time I bring news of the 2010 survey opening to participants. This year the survey covers six countries (Canada, China, India, Israel, UK and US) in two industries (technology and life sciences). Each year, over 1,000 companies complete the survey, making it the largest of its kind. If you are CEO or CFO of a startup company in any of these countries/industries then I encourage you to participate in the survey. Ditto if you are a VC (I mean, ask your portfolio companies to participate). It doesn’t cost anything to participate (other than the 30-60 minutes it takes to complete the survey) and the benefit is that you get the full results once they are published.

In years past, the results were published in a PDF and a hardcopy book, but starting last year the results have been published online via a password protected, members-only site (so participating is really the only way you can get the results outside of paying $1,000). In the audio/video tour of the site below, you’ll see how easy it is to look at compensation by title, geography, financing rounds, headcount, founder status and much more. Furthermore, compensation is broken out by base salary, cash bonus, equity, severance, etc. Don’t miss the opportunity to get the 2010 data…take the survey now!


Another benefit of taking the survey is that participants have access to other members (and a panel of experts) to inquire (anonymously if desired) about nuances of private company compensation.