LinkedIN Launches Applications Platform

Today, LinkedIN announced the launch of 3rd party applications on their platform.  It looks to be much more controlled than the Facebook platform (they are launching with just 8 3rd party apps plus one of their own).  So far the applications are mostly focused on sharing documents and files.

The new apps are:

  1. Reading List (Amazon).  Extends your person profile by sharing your reading list.
  2. Files (  Share important files.
  3. Company Buzz (LinkedIN).  Provides a feed of Twitter activity on your company.
  4. Google Presentation (Google).  Share PowerPoint files.
  5. Huddle Workspaces (  Secure online workspaces for collaborating with connections.
  6. WordPress (WordPress).  Synchronize your blog with your LinkedIN profile.
  7. BlogLink (Six Apart).  Synchronize your blog with your LinkedIN profile.
  8. SlideShare Presentations (SlideShare).  Check out presentations from your connections.
  9. My Travel (Tripit).  See where your connections are traveling.

I’m going to check it out now, but based on the description, I’m loving it.  Check out the video overview from CEO Dan Nye below.

UPDATE 1:  Just installed a couple of apps.  BlogLink works well.  Also installed Reading List, Company Buzz and SlideShare…they all crashed so I can’t say more yet.  Here’s the screenshot.  Not what you’d like as your first introduction…