Topics Covered On This Blog (So Far)

Once again, here is a list of some of the more popular posts on this blog:

Raising Capital:

The Science & Art of Term Sheet Negotiation
Dating…er…Fundraising Etiquette
How to Get Introduced to VCs
How To Raise Money From VCs
Top 10 Tips For Entrepreneurs Pitching VCs
Venture Debt For Startups
How Not To Select A VC
What To Expect In Due Diligence

On Startups:

Board Management Tips For Startup CEOs
What To Include In A Board Package
Founder / CEO Succession
How To Pitch The Press

10 Things To Consider Before Joining a Startup
Interview with Professor Noam Wasserman
‘Tis The Season To Change The CEO

Startup Compensation
More on Startup Equity Compensation
Equity Compensation Strategy
Startup Entertainment
It’s Lonely at the Top?

Industry Commentary:

Death of Headhunting
I Need a Social Network Aggregator!
Overjustification Effect and Web 2.0
Plaxo 3.0
The Future of Job Recruiting?
Mobile Posse Launches Idle Screen Advertising
On Wikipedia Fraud

Personal Commentary:

U of M Solar Car Team Crashes; Earns Moral Victory
U of M Solar Car Team Unveils New Technology
2007 University of Michigan Solar Car Team
Alternative Energy No Longer Just For Tree Huggers
Just When You Thought You Were A Good Dad
I want That Job!