Hatsune Miku – Crazy Popular In Japan & Coming To America

I hadn’t heard of Hatsune Miku until having lunch last week with NetProspex CEO Gary Halliwell who told me about this singing synthesizer program with a 3D hologram and concerts.  But I didn’t get it until he pulled out his iPhone and showed me this Youtube video (with 7 million page views!):

There are so many cool things about this. First, think of a Lady Gaga level popular “rock star” without a rock star! Imagine putting on a concert with no COGS (cost-of-goods-sold)! Plus you could put on 10 concerts at the same time across the country. The music industry has been complaining about their model being eroded by piracy, but it would seem that innovation like this could transform the industry.

Imagine if someone took this technology and used it to put on Elvis concerts or Jimmy Hendrix? Or what if you created new virtual artists…like “Lady Madonna”…

BTW, Hatsune Miku is playing “her” first US concert on July 2, 2011 in California and the tickets are sold out!