The Pig in a Ham & Eggs Breakfast

A while ago I spoke with Brandon Gadoci who had reached out to some friends of mine for advice on his startup, fabeetle. At the time, Brandon had a "day job" at a large bank that paid well. I always love talking with passionate entrepreneurs and Brandon was that in spades. Having spent the past 8 years working as a financial advisor (and manager of financial advisors) for top firms he was speaking from experience when he explained the opportunity and what he wanted to do with fabeetle.

I got off the phone thinking that the idea for his business was pretty good, but I wondered whether he was committed enough to get it done (he's married with a small child, paid well and like many professionals at risk of getting comfortable).  In fact I had asked him that very question about the pig and the chicken and he had exactly the right answer. But I still wondered if he'd walk the walk.

Well, watch the video. It's one of the best behind the scenes of starting a company that I've ever seen!


I love the line, "Am I nervous? Not really…I should probably be more nervous."  Spoken like a true entrepreneur!

Best of luck Brandon!