Scientists Find Positive Correlation Between Wealth & Rudeness


If you are one of the 10,000 members of TheFunded (a private network of entrepreneurs who discuss various things, but mostly aspects of raising venture capital) you will quickly see that, oh, about 1/3 of the conversation is entrepreneurs ranting about how they were treated rudely by some VC.

I always thought that was sour grapes on the part of us entrepreneurs and then today I saw this Bloomberg article.

The article describes research by Stanford scientists who did a study and found that there is a positive correlation between wealth and rudeness.  The hypothesis to explain this behavior is Darwinian.  Basically wealthy people want to show that they have no reliance on others and the preferred way of doing that is to be rude.

If this is true, then it explains a lot.  Since VCs are, on average, wealthier than entrepreneurs seeking their money then it follows that they are systematically rude.