Be Glad You Are An Entrepreneur!

I just read a great post over on TheFunded by an anonymous writer titled, “Be Glad You Are An Entrepreneur In These Times!”  It’s a public post and it’s so true that I’ll quote a little here.

He starts by writing:

Everywhere I look, I see talented skilled workers getting laid off with little to no chance of recovery in the near future. This has to be devastating.

What I find odd as an entrepreneur is the feeling that they are somehow now “in my boat”, but they really are not. Having learned how to survive while building a business over the last 12 years, and getting by on less money than I would like, it is just not that alarming.

It’s a good point.  The entrepreneur and the unemployed employee are now both treading water in the open ocean with no land in sight, but one has survival training and a rescue beacon, or as the anonymous poster on TheFunded wrote:

The difference between the two is the entrepreneur’s knowledge of how to raise and make money, even if it is more difficult right now at least you still have options. For obvious reasons, this is a skill most employed people do not possess and are therefore at the complete mercy of others.

No one is guaranteed survival in these stormy economic times, but entrepreneurs should at least be confident in the survival skills they’ve learned and be sure to put them to good use.