Secret Weapon Or Woodward Getting Pwnd?

After I wrote the previous post on how the CIA disappoints on technology adoption, I saw Bob Woodward on 60 minutes last night revealing some secret new weapon now being used by the military in Iraq.  He went on to say that it was a major break-though in weaponry, akin (in importance) to the breakthrough of the tank in WWI and the airplane in WWII.  Woodward said if the insurgent leaders knew of its capabilities, they would get their ass out of town. You can see him talking about it in the clip below starting at 1:30.

So maybe we do have our pre-crime unit.  Although I wouldn’t be surprised if Woodward is being pwnd by the government to put out disinformation. 

BTW, how did Woodward get a security clearance?  And you’d think that China, Russia and every other major power will be trying to kidnap Woodward now…which reminds me of that scene in Pink Panther Strikes Again where all the worlds’ assassins are trying to kill Clouseau at Oktoberfest.

UPDATE: I’m intrigued now about what the candidate technologies are.  On NBC, Woodward again mentioned this secret weapon and referenced a "Manhattan Project" style effort to produce new "techniques and operations."  Woodward actually says something interesting at the very end of the video, "85-90% of the actionable intelligence comes from these techniques and operations."  Makes it sound like an intelligence gathering technology.  What do you think?  Skynet?

It also occurred to me that it might be hard to keep a "Manhattan Project" size budget black, but then a little Google-fu shows that the Manhattan project cost $2BB ($24BB today) and that’s just 2 months of funding for the Iraq war.  I wonder if $24BB today goes as far as the equivalent back in WWII?

UPDATE 2: Here’s an interesting article in Wired on a candidate technology (human thermal fingerprinting at long distance).