WebEx Does Not Work On Macs

YugmaIt’s true.  As crazy as it sounds, it just flat out doesn’t work on a Mac (on either end).  I’ve been hanging on to one Windows PC for just scenarios like this, but I’ve all but had it and am soon going to be kicking it to the curb and going 100% Mac.  As if being Mac-incompatible is not enough, WebEx is blocked by a lot of large corporate IT departments.  For example, today I tried to do a web meeting with someone who works at a major financial exchange…no dice.

Thankfully, I found a perfect solution by a company called Yugma.  It’s flash based so it goes though 99% of firewalls and it is compatible with PCs and Macs.  What’s more, it has seemless integration wtih Skype (another favorite of mine).

Oh, and it’s free.