Onvert – Online Extrovert

onvert [on-vurt]Onvert


1. an outgoing, gregarious person…online.
2. Psychology. a person characterized by extroversion online; a person concerned primarily with the online social environment.

I’ve been talking to friends and colleagues about a job I’m trying to fill for my company, that of Community Manager.  The role is becoming more common with the explosion of online communities and it’s basically a host/moderator/expert/facilitator for an online community.  What I’ve found is that interviewing a candidate in the "real world" is not very effective at assessing whether someone would be effective in the role.  Often times, it feels like interviewing a fish on the beach instead of in the ocean.  It turns out that a lot of people who are "online extroverts" are "offline introverts." 

So that’s what’s led me to start using the term "onvert," i.e. someone who is an online extrovert.  By definition, you need to "interview" the candidate online to make the appropriate assessment.  That’s one of the reasons why, in the job description, I discourage people from sending in a resume and instead to show me their online body of work.

I’m curious if anyone else has seen this.