Killer Futuristic Mobile Search UI

Check out this blog by “Mac” an incredibly talented and creative graphic/web designer from Tokyo.  He imagines a mobile search device that has a transparent heads-up-display-like look and feel.  Users would peer through the screen and see layers of additional information.  It could be used to answer questions like, “where am I?” and “what am I looking at?” or “what does this say?”  An incredibly cool idea.

I’ve always been fascinated by new UIs and how slowly (if ever) they come to market.  A case in point is the Dvorak keyboard.  The QWERTY keyboard was *intentionally* designed to be inefficient so as to slow down typists and thus avoid jamming the keys.  Fast forward 130 years and we’re still using the same thing!

Let’s hope it’s not another 130 before we can do a “Mac” search…