Cool Vmail-to-Text Service

I recently signed up for a service by SimulScribe that converts voicemail messages left on my cell phone into email (with an audio file as an attachment).  It’s great for those situations when I’m in a meeting and can’t answer the phone (but do have time to look at my email).  Apparently the way it works is that the messages are shot off to some call center in India or China, transcribed and sent back.  There might actually be some voice recognition software in the middle there somewhere, but either way it’s all transparent to the end user.  It takes only a few minutes to sign up (surprising given how Byzantine the carriers can be) and you don’t have to change anything on your end or on the end of the folks leaving a message.  My only beef with the service is that the delay between the phone call and the email could be shorter (sometimes it’s 10-15 minutes) and the service is a bit over priced for what you get, but overall I love it!